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STEP #1: ARTWORK PREPARATION: Once artwork has been submitted, it’s checked to identify and correct any issues that may negatively impact the printed result. This includes a check for compression artifacts, color profiling, and color correction to ensure that it pairs well with the selected garment color.

STEP #2: PRINTING: The design is printed onto the garment using an inkjet printer that has been specifically designed for DTG printing. Specialized inks created for fabrics are used and produce high-quality prints in a wide range of colors.

STEP #3: FABRIC & PRETREATING: Before DTG printing, the garment is pre-treated with a solution that helps the ink bond to the fabric. This is commonly done using a machine that sprays liquid onto the fabric.

STEP #4: CURING / HEAT PRESSING: After the design has been printed, the garment must be cured to set the ink and make it permanent. This is typically done using a heat press, which applies heat and pressure to the garment to fix the ink in place.


PRINTED DIRECTLY TO CLOTHING: Direct-to-garment, or DTG printing, is a method that sprays ink onto garments and is similar to printing on paper. DTG printing technique is an excellent option for those who want to add complex, multi-color designs on t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, and other similar fabric items.

VIBRANT COLORS: DTG-printed designs soak into the clothing fibers, that way the prints: 

Don’t sit on top of the fabric 

Remain uncracked over time 

Aren’t stiff and feel comfortable for the wearer

EFFICIENT PRINTING WITH WATER-BASED VEGAN INKS: At Kioko, DTG designs are printed using non-toxic vegan inks that ensure the garments are safe for adults and children. Have your designs printed with machines that are energy-efficient, produce zero wastewater, and are a sustainable choice for your brand.

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What shipping options do you offer?
We're able to meet almost any deadline. Here are our shipping options: Free Standard Shipping - Delivery expected within 9-12 business days Priority Shipping - Delivery within 6 business days Rush Shipping - Delivery within 3 business days Free Rush Decorated Sample Shipping - Decorated sample orders within 3 business days Super Rush Shipping - Delivery within 2 business days
Do you provide proofs?
To minimize potential disappointment and speed the production process, we may send a digital design proof that must be reviewed and approved before the order is submitted to production. A design proof is a representation of the design on a shirt, hoodie, or another garment. It’s an example of the printed design on the selected garment. Since we receive hundreds of orders daily, we will only request the approval of a Design Proof for orders that meet the following criteria: Orders of at least 15 pieces Orders that receive a significant change after submission
How quickly does my order ship?
We can deliver custom apparel as quickly as overnight. Our production process makes customization fast, and our team is ready to help you meet deadlines. We offer delivery options ranging from free standard shipping to rush shipping. Contact us to get specific shipping details around your order.
What is the minimum I can order?
No Minimums! Whether you need 1 or 100,000 we can do itI!
What kind of graphics can be printed to?
Almost anything - from portraits to logos to custom designs. The real key is the QUALITY of the graphic you're submitting to be printed - good contrast, high resolution (300dpi or better), large bitmapped images print very well, and vector images print even better!
How many colors can be printed within a design? Are there limitations?
KIOKO prints in RGB color profiles although we use a CMYK printer which allows for millions of colors to be produced. There is no limitation on color when printing DTG. It is recommended that you use a PANTONE color chart to match artwork colors for printing. If matching the exact Pantone of your artwork is super important to you, this can be achieved with DTG. The main thing to keep in mind is that your colors might not come out exactly as expected. Different fabrics, material make up, and colors take ink differently and there are a lot of variables with the settings that can affect the output color. The better quality the garment the better the print.
What is the turnaround for DTG garments?
The typical turnaound time is 3-5 business days, not including weekends. Rush options are available for same day, next day, and two day printing options. Wholesale processing times may vary and will be provided based on the order requirements.
How does a DTG print hold up after washing?
When you first receive a shirt with a DTG print, it‚Äôs going to have a bit of shine from the pre-treat. After the first wash, when the pre-treat comes off, the print will look more natural and the ‚Äúwaxy‚ÄĚ appearance will disappear. DTG has a long lifespan and that is why it is the primary choice of most apparel decorators.
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