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Sublimation Printing As A Business?

Sublimation Printing As A Business?

Sublimation Printing As A Business? Sublimation is one of the most popular methods for producing graphics for apparel with high polyester counts and several other items. It is popular due to its many advantages, such as whole garment designs and long-lasting results. If you’re considering starting a printing business, sublimation is an economic way to go about it.


Sublimation printing is a popular method of printing which aims at transferring a design from sublimation paper onto a piece of fabric or material by using pressure and heat (between 350 – 400 degrees). The ink starts out as a solid and is converted directly into a gas without ever reaching a liquid state. This is done using specialized sublimation equipment that heats a specific type of ink. Any design you can create can be printed onto a garment/substrate/material of your choice.


This type of printing has many benefits over other types of garment printing, such as:

  • Creative freedom. You can create virtually any design and print it onto a shirt or other garment. There is almost no limit to what you can do with sublimation printing.
  • Design lasts. Because of the way the ink is transferred to the fabric, the design lasts a long time. It won’t crack, peel, or fade, even after many wears and washes.
  • Whole garment printing. With sublimation it is possible to print over an entire garment, from seam to seam.
  • Garments are breathable. Unlike screen printing that leaves a rubbery texture behind that is not porous, sublimation allows the material to still be breathable and stretchy for greater comfort.
  • Photographic quality. High resolution printing is possible, even photographic quality that is extremely realistic looking.
  • Market is large. There is a large market for sublimation printed garments from sports jerseys to personalized designs. 


    If you are thinking of creating your own printing business and want to utilize sublimation printing or you want to start using the process at home, it is important to know what materials you can use. These are the following:

    – Polycotton textile
    – Polymer
    – Polyester
    – Ceramic
    – PVC
    – Polyester-coated aluminum
    – Polymer-coated metal
    – Polyester-made fabric
    – Polymer- coated plastic

    The best materials to use for sublimation printing out of the list above is polyester or ceramic. For fabric, you can use a variety of designs and logos, unlike traditional printing that could sometimes only produce one logo per garment.


    The biggest business expense you will have when getting started is purchasing sublimation equipment. You will need at least a printing machine and the specific type of ink that is required. The good news is that sublimation printers are quite affordable when compared to other types of printing equipment. The key products you’ll need include:

  • Epson SC-F570. A perfect entry - professional level printer that renders amazing results and quality. Max print size of 24 inches wide by up to 100ft long. Ideal for personalizing awards, mugs, mousepads and more, this high-performance dye-sublimation printer delivers professional-quality prints. 
  • Epson Ecotank Conversions. Basically any ecotank printer can be converted for sublimation use. All you have to do is use sublimation ink instead of the regular ink sold with the unit. Most models provide great results and prove to be some of the most affordable options for creators looking to start a sublimation business.
  • Sawgrass Virtuoso Printer. The Sawgrass Virtuoso printer series includes a variety of models to meet your needs. Sizing and type depends on the specific needs of your business and your goals.
  • Sublimation Ink. There are a few types of sublimation ink that will work with most printers. The key is making sure to get ink that is specifically for sublimation printing. 

    Sublimation printing is a great choice for those wanting to create both clothing and other materials with full color and high-quality graphics. There is hardly any downtime, which results in each of the creations being profitable (if you are selling them to customers) and it allows for as much product to be created as you want.

    It is one of the most economical printing processes available as, if you already have a computer, you can invest in a sublimation printer that connects via wireless connectivity, then will only have to purchase the inks and the transfer paper.

    The most expensive part of the process will be purchasing the heat press, which is a consideration when you are thinking about starting sublimation printing. Generally, however, a good quality sublimation printer is affordable for many.

    Adding profit into your business, the customization that comes with sublimation printing appeals to many around the world. This customization will allow you to fully fulfill a customer’s needs and allows you to produce a variety of designs to suit all tastes. A quick and easy process, it allows people to bring their creations that they have made on the screen to reality.

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